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Law school is no easy feat, with three years of seemingly endless exams, readings, lectures, internships, and other responsibilities. Many students accepted into law school have a type-A personality, used to being involved in many activities and leadership roles. With the competitive nature of law school, even these students must adapt to be successful in their careers.

Hone Your Academic Skills

Remember all the skills you learned in undergraduate years like how to properly study, take notes, and read actively? In law school, these skills must all be further developed. It’s no longer possible to “survive” by skimming the textbook or zoning out in class. Law students emphasize the need to read legal documents while outlining, which will assist in reviewing material before an exam.

Time Management

Scheduling time is important for everyone, but especially for law students. With the intense workload, it’s better to be on top of assignments and studying before you become overwhelmed. Sticking to a routine can alleviate stress and improve the efficiency of your work. Many students curse procrastination for their struggles in law school and even recommend doing the assigned reading up to a week before lecture.


A plethora of advantages come with getting acquainted with prominent people in your field. Meet your professors and administrative leaders, get to know them for their experiences in law. This is not just beneficial for later letters of recommendation, employment opportunities, or access to resources; networking is great to become connected with the field of law, learning more about how to be best in your practice.

Getting to know other students is also important for integrating into law school, studying together, and helping each other through law school difficulties. Law students will eventually become professionals, so staying in touch with them may be beneficial down the line.

Take Care of Your Health

Perhaps the most important tip is to focus on yourself. Without optimal physical and mental health, your efforts in law school fall apart. Sleeping well, eating healthy, exercising regularly can all affect performance on exams and concentration in class.

Taking time to relax and de-stress is also vital. Law school takes a lot of energy, so taking a break to be on your own, spend time with family and friends, and doing a fun hobby. All these factors are necessary to stay balanced and perform optimally as a law student.